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Let's face it, COVID sucks. COVID has definitely taken a toll on wedding planning globally; including myself. I went from a 100+ wedding guest count to a 22 guest count for my September wedding. If you're like many brides & grooms fighting the COVID loom, while planning your wedding, here are some tips to consider the safety of planning a wedding during this time.

Reduce Your Guest Count
Whether you want to or not, you may need to reduce you quest count to comply with state laws on social gatherings or venue restrictions. Before sending out invitations, make sure you know what these laws and restrictions are. You can always add to the guest list later if the situation changes. Perhaps choosing a micro-wedding may prove to be the best option.

Provide Comfort/Sanitizing Stations
Provide a station with hand sanitizer, tissues, disposable masks, antibacterial wipes, hand lotions, Lysol spray, etc. You can easily use a high top table to accomplish this. Don't forget a small waste basket.

Space Out Guest Seating
Space out guest tables to be 6' apart. Additionally, instead of having 8 to a table, perhaps go down to 6 guests per table. Typically, venues provide floor plans; simply ask them to space out the tables 6' apart. If you hire us to manage and coordinate your wedding, we can analyze the floor plan and offer suggestions for spacing and guest flow, or design the entire floor plan!

Provide Individual Food Items for Cocktail Hour & Dessert Table
Grazing tables, charcuterie boards, cheese and fruit displays etc. are all rage right now, but they offer no safety measures for sanitation. Consider having butlered hors d'oeuvres available in individual cups for quick and easy taking. If you do offer an appetizer or dessert station, ask your caterer to provide them in individual servings.

Select A Served Dinner Option
Choosing to have a served dinner instead of family style, buffet, or food stations is your best option for dinner service. Salads should be pre-dressed, butter should be individual instead of crocks (butter balls work best), dinner rolls pre-set on bread plates (with the butter ball). The less passing, the better.

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