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Hot Chocolate Bar

I've seen hot chocolate bars at weddings and events and guests LOVE them. I think it's the eye candy of the many choices that you can incorporate for toppings that appeal to most. Here are some options you can have as toppings and embellishments to make your hot chocolate bar really stand out and be a success:

First, let's think vessels. Most caterers will be able to provide vessels to keep your hot chocolate nice and toasty. Opt to have beautiful display-quality vessels -- not self-pump coffee urns. Take a look at what exactly I'm talking about...

2. Offer many topping choices such as: mini marshmallows, crushed peppermint candies, chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, chocolate shavings, chocolate sprinkles, rainbow sprinkles, toffee bits, mini peanut butter cups or crushed peanut butter cups. You can use apothecary jars, vintage dishes, tall cylinders to display your toppings. Using long iced teaspoons work much better than standard length teaspoons.

3. Don't forget cans of whipped cream! These come in different flavors too! Along side your cans of whip, you can also offer chocolate, raspberry, marshmallow, and caramel sauce!

4. Lastly, embellishments! These are added extras to make hot chocolate Instagamable! Offer jars of pirouettes, biscotti, chocolate covered spoons, full size candy canes (for stirring)

5. Don't forget beverage straws and napkins. You'll want to make sure this station stays clean and refilled depending on how many kiddos are in the room.

6. Labels! Make sure you label all of your toppings and sauces for allergy purposes and aesthetic!

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