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Recently Engaged? Now What!?

After the excitement of your engagement settles down, you come to realize..."I have to plan my wedding. Now what?" Before you overwhelm yourself, consider these 4 W's:


These 4 questions will give you a good start into narrowing down where to start with your wedding planning. Let's take a look at each:


When do you want to get married? This upcoming year, perhaps the next? When choosing a wedding date, I advise clients to choose more than one. The more flexibility you have, the more available options (in terms of vendors/venues) you have.


This is your initial guest list. Think about how big you want your wedding to be. If you want to get married in 2021, you may have to consider a micro wedding to comply with COVID restrictions. If you want a large wedding, I would recommend looking into 2022, or even 2023. Jot down a rough draft of who you'd like to invite.


'What' refers to what kind of wedding you want to have. Ceremony, Micro, large, outdoor, indoor, beach, barn, winery, etc. ? Make a list of your what your dream wedding will entail. This will help you keep you on track and not rabbit hole along the way.


Make a list of possible venues you know of that are of interest to you. Why? Because this will be the very first wedding expense you'll make. Book a venue. Most venues accommodate only one wedding a day, and you don't want to be stuck 'settling' for a venue because the one you really wanted is already booked.

With these 4 minimum questions to answer, you'll set yourself facing the right direction when the planning begins.

If you feel you need wedding planning/coordination help, we offer our clients a comprehensive wedding planning workbook that takes them through the entire wedding planning process complete with venue inspection forms, rental/linen tracker, dream wedding sheet, dress/groomsmen attire sheet, and so much more. Our services begin at $250 for remote coordination, $675 for our Petite Day of Coordination Package, and $985 for our Elite Day of Coordination Package.

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