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Why You Should Have a Sweetheart Table

What is a sweetheart table?

A sweetheart table is a table just for you and your new spouse at your wedding reception. Whereas, a head table, usually seats the newly weds with their bridal party or close family and friends.

So the question comes across every bride and/or groom while planning a wedding...

Should I have a sweetheart or head table?

Add another decision to your already hundreds of other decisions you must make while planning your own wedding! Here are of some my reasons why you should choose a sweetheart table over a head table during your wedding...

1. You'd think you'd have enough alone time with your new spouse on your wedding day, think again! Both of you will be pulled aside by many family and friends for conversations and congratulations making it seem as though the only close time you spend together is at the ceremony! Having a sweetheart table allows for a little distance between yourselves and your guests during dinner service, at least for a short time.

2. Sweetheart tables typically require a little more decor and styling than your guest tables to make it a 'wow' factor, in fact, it is the center of attention at your reception. Since sweetheart tables only have the two of you seated, you can save by styling a table for two instead of 8 or 12, or I have seen them as large as 24!!

3. They're cute! C'mon, who doesn't think a decked out table for two isn't cute?

4. It's the focal point of the reception so you can really tie in and exemplify your theme.

5. Large head tables get in the way of the dance floor. Depending on what venue and floor plan you choose, you have to make sure you have space for that dance floor. I've worked weddings where the head table had to be moved or torn down to allow enough space for guests to dance after dinner service. The guests at the head table had no where to place their personal belongings and grandma had to find a new seat at another guest table to sit at during dance time. No bueno! However, if your sweetheart table needs moved to allow for more space, a quick skootch in a matter of seconds is all it takes!

6. No more interruptions. How uncomfortable does it feel to need to break a convo to address another one? With a head table, those seated at it, often engage in conversations with you making it hard for you to break away when you need to.

7. It's a safe haven, or retreat for the most part. Typically most guests don't like to approach the sweetheart table for some reason, or I should say they're more reluctant. It is like a home base for you during your reception.

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